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  • Choosing The Right Best Buy E-Cigarettes

  • Can’t Decide Which E-Cigarettes To Try And Finally Quit Tobacco?

    Can’t Decide Which E-Cigarettes To Try And Finally Quit Tobacco?

    Now that you have been introduced to the electric cigarettes.  Starting to see people vaping instead smoking.  Seeing them sold in shopping malls.  Coming across advertised e-cigarettes and articles online. It’s hard to tell which electronic cig are good enough to quit tobacco?  They all sound so promising with their product.
    Some will work well [...]

  • 7 Features To Consider For The Best Electronic Cigarette

    7 Features to Consider for the Best Electric Cigarettes

    What is the best electric cigarettes?  The fact is most e-cigarettes devices essentially work the same way. In the nutshell, a battery function powers to an atomizer that vaporizes a nicotine/water solution which is inhaled by the user. The main major differences in an electronic cig are in overall dependability and quality as well as [...]

  • Starter Kit for Green Smoke

    Rave and Review of Green Smoke Electronic Cigarettes

    The Green Smoke is the latest electronic cigarettes quickly becoming a favorite among “vaping” enthusiasts and for good reason:  It has distinct design differences that offer the user the most realistic and satisfying esmoking experience… and without the hassles the user typically is associated with other e [...]

  • Esmoking Tips When Using Your Electronic Cigarette

    Using Your New E-Cigarettes – eSmoking Tips

    Your new e-cigarettes is not a complicated or a perplexed e-smoking device but there will always be going to have a bit of a learning curve with anything new.  Here are few tips on the best way to maximize your electronic e-smoking experience so you can spare both time and money.
    Tips to those newly using [...]

  • Review Electronic Cigarettes

    Electric Cigarettes – A Biased Review

    Can the electric cigarettes offer a realistic eSmoking experience?  The first thought that had came to my mind when I first heard about e cigarettes. No doubt you’re also thinking the same and wondering “how close to the ‘real’ thing is it?”  I’d like to share my affordable electric cigarette biased review with you [...]

  • Can Electronic Cigarettes Help You Quit Smoking?

    Can Electric Cigarettes Help You Give Up Smoking?

    Can electric cigarettes help you give up and quit smoking ?  Maybe and probably.  But the companies who retail these smokeless cigarette devices are not in a position to tell you that.  Because the FDA has not approved electronic cigarettes. They are not being sold as smoking cessation devices, but rather as a healthier [...]

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  • All You Need To Know About Affordable Electric Cigarette

  • The Affordable Electric Cigarette Under More Scrutiny

    The Affordable Electric Cigarette Under More Scrutiny

    The affordable electric cigarette is under more scrutiny. Now it’s coming from the Attorney General and not just the FDA (US Federal Drug Administration) and other Organizations Against Smoking. The Attorney General are contacting many electric cigarette companies about what is outlined according to the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) policies to refrain from certain statements [...]

  • Electric Cigarette, It’s Time To Make The Switch vs. Traditional Cigarettes

    Electric Cigarette, It’s Time To Make The Switch vs. Traditional Cigarettes

    Electric cigarette cannot be regarded as totally the same as traditional cigarettes. There are still a number of differences between these two, be it in terms of advantages and disadvantages. Yes, it is true that smoking e-cigarettes is just like smoking your top traditional tobacco cigarette. However, if you analyze it deeper and closer, you [...]

  • Best Benefits of the Electric Cigarette

    Best Benefits of the Electric Cigarette

    Electric cigarette smoking is quickly becoming famous and will forever change the way people smoke. Are you curious if this is something that would benefit you or a loved one?  Let’s examine some of the best benefits of the electronic cig as a sensible and healthier alternative to “real” smoking experience with tobacco.
    5 Best [...]

  • What Exactly Is An Electronic Cigarette

    What is an Electric Cigarette Exactly?

    My first reaction when I first heard about the electronic cig was that this is a novelty item and should not to be taken seriously.  But upon closer investigation, I recognized that this is an ingenious invention that has the inherent possibility to revolutionize the way people smoke forever. Green smoking is better for the [...]

  • What’s with Electric Cigarette and the FDA

    What’s with Electric Cigarette and the FDA

    Electric cigarettes, anti-freeze, teenagers and the FDA… how are these four things connected?
    Evidently the FDA found small traces of diethylene glycol, an ingredient used in antifreeze, in (one) sample of electronic cigarette solution they analyzed.  There is also concern that teenagers will get addicted to electronic smoking from the different flavors electric cigarettes have to [...]

  • Are Electric Cigarettes Safe?

    Are Electric Cigarettes Safe?

    Electric cigarettes are being advertised as a safer alternative to smoking real tobacco cigarettes.  But just how safe are the e Cigarettes? Are there any health risks involved? Let’s review e smoking and make a comparison to “real” smoking so you can make a wise and intelligent decision if this may be a smoking [...]

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  • Green Smoke Quality Electronic Cigarettes

  • Our Quality Electronic Cigarettes Have Improved!

    Our Quality Electronic Cigarettes Have Improved!

    Our quality electronic cigarettes just got even bigger, badder and taking #1 spot as the ‘Best Buy E-Cigarette’.  New Improved FlavorMax Cartomizers from Greensmoke are superior to all other brands of ecigs. More than ever this affordable electric cigarette is proven to save you money! The better choice for a smoking alternative.
    Here’s  Why We Are Quality [...]

  • Independence with Electric Cigarette from Tobacco

    Independance From Tobacco Smoke With Electronic Cigarettes Discount

    Hello Friends – Get Your Independence Now From Smoking Tobacco Cigarettes !! We have a new special discount on electric cigarettes – just in time and up through to Independence Day and July 5th!!
    Cigarettes just keep going up in price and worst it’s killing you both in the pocket and in your health. After your [...]

  • Electric Cigarette For Mother - Because You Care

    Mother’s Day Electric Cigarette Promo

    Why not give your Mom a lasting present with the electric cigarettes? You must have given your Mom plenty of Mother’s Day Gifts like cards, chocolates, flowers, shopping cards, lunch brunches and more. If your Mother, Wife, Sister smokes tobacco cigarettes – Why don’t you send the perfect gift this year and show you care [...]

  • Father's Day Electric Cigarettes New Discount

    Father’s Day Electric Cigarettes

    GreenSmoke Electronic Cigarettes are at it again giving a new discount promotion for electric cigarettes for all of our father’s, grandpa’s, uncle joe’s and brothers. Give the Gift that Keeps on Giving! We want you around for a long time to come! Switch to a smokeless cigarette and stop smoking tobacco. This discount is [...]

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